Shipping Containers 40FT High Cube


Shipping Containers 40FT High Cube


(Shipping Containers 40FT High Cube)



We have used, GP, HC, and RH, 20FT and 40FT refrigerated container  for sale, containers are in good conditions and carefully inspected to be free from rust and are below 2-3 years old.


Spec Length* Width* Heigh* Door Width Door Height Capacity Tare Weight Maxi Cargo
Standard 20′ 19′ 4″ 7′ 8″ 7′ 10″ 7′ 8″ 7′ 6″ 1,172 Cft 4,916 Lbs 47,900 Lbs
5.900 m 2.350 m 2.393 m 2.342 m 2.280 m 33.2 m3 2,230 Kgs 21,770 Kgs
Standard 40′ 39′ 5″ 7′ 8″ 7′ 10″ 7′ 8″ 7′ 6″ 2,390 Cft 8,160 Lbs 59,040 Lbs
12.036 m 2.350 m 2.392 m 2.340 m 2.280 m 67.7 m3 3,700 Kgs 26,780 Kgs



40 Feet HC Container.


40 Feet Container. We provide 20 Feet Container for supply storage.


Interport’s spacious 40-foot shipping containers suit numerous needs including the storage of raw material, excess inventory, equipment, and machinery. Interport offers a large array of 40-foot shipping container types, new and used: standard (dry), high-cube, double-door, high-cube double-door, insulated, refrigerated, high-cube refrigerated, open-top, and collapsible-end flat rack.

20 Feet Container.  We are a highly spirited supplier of Marine Containers. Our Marine Containers are demanded by quality conscious clients at a very large scale. The Marine Cargo Containers supplied by us are long lasting. We have tie up with many renowned manufacturers of best quality Marine Containers. These Marine Containers are available with us in various capacities. Our marine containers are made up of the rugged steel with hardwood floors. They can be easily transported and popular for their safe storage. We have earned immense reputation amongst leading Marine Shipping Containers suppliers in India. Marine Containers

Interport’s 40-foot double-door shipping containers offer superior value and convenience. Our 40-foot double-door shipping containers, featuring nearly the same capacity as a two-car garage, easily handle bulky or lightweight cargo or equipment.


20 Feet Open Top Container.  Refrigerated storage containers are ideal for storing and transporting perishable goods.

  • Welded steel construction with ISO corners
  • Walls: 1.50 mm thick of Corten steel (anti corrosion)
  • Roof: 2,00 mm thick
  • With wooden floor
  • Cargo Worthy (CW)
  • With CSC-plate for min. 1 year
  • Structural in a good condition
  • Wind and Water Tight (WWT)
  • Stackable, easy to handle with a crane
  • Security systems and adjustments are possible
Outside dimensions (LxWxH) 12192 x 2438 x 2591 mm
Inside dimensions (LxWxH) 12032 x 2350 x 2390 mm
Door clearance (WxH) 2340 x 2280 mm
Weight from 3800 kg
Maximum payload 26775 kg
Volume 67,58 m3 

(Several colors available on request).


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