Nickel Scrap 99.9%


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Nickel Scrap 99.9%


Nickel (Nickel Scrap 99.9% ) is a moderate reducing agent.Silver-white metal, density of 8.9 grams / cm 3. Melting point 1455 , boiling point 2730 . Valence 2 and 3. Ionization energy of 7.635 electron volts.

1.the introduction : Nickel is mainly used for electroplating, nickel-plated items is beautiful, clean, not easily rust.

2..the element Uses: mainly used to make stainless steel and other corrosion resistant alloys, such as nickel steel, chrome-nickel steel and a variety of non-ferrous metal alloys, nickel-containing ingredients high copper-nickel alloy, it is unlikely that corrosion. Has made a hydrogenation catalyst and for ceramic products, specialty chemicals containers, electronic circuits, glass, green, as well as the preparation of nickel compounds, and so on.

3.the advantage: Nickel-magnetic, which can be magnets attracting. The aluminum, cobalt and nickel alloy made of magnetic stronger. This alloy by the electromagnet to attract, not only they will be smoking in the past, but it hung below its weight 60 times more than the things, it will not fall off. In this way, you can use it to create electromagnetic crane

Chemical Composition

Ni remainder W 3.0-4.5 V 0.35 max. Mo 15.0-17.0 Co 2.5 max. P 0.04 max. Cr 14.5-16.5 Mn 1.0 max. S 0.03 max.

Fe 4.0-7.0 max. C 0.01 max. Si 0.08 max.


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